Restore Leadership and Integrity to our School System

Leading with integrity is the most important factor in building a collaborative and positive school culture. Graduating more students into colleges, universities and trade schools is the only option acceptable to Justin Blakely.

Fix the Budget and Prioritize Spending to Benefit our Students

As a strong voice and advocate for public education, Justin Blakely will fight to guarantee our taxpayer dollars are only spent to properly educate our students and not wasted on bureaucracy, nepotism or corrupt backroom deals.

Improving Learning Conditions

Reducing class sizes will help ensure students get the attention they need. Justin Blakely will work to hire more counselors, nurses, assistant principals, teaching assistants, bus drivers, and cafeteria support.

Justin Blakely - Homegrown Leadership for All Compton Students

FACT: There are 23,438 students in the Compton School District - 4,921 are NOT expected to graduate and will probably wind up under-employed, unemployed or incarcerated.

Our schools are broken and the school board must be held accountable!!!  

FACT:  It cost $81,203/year to keep someone in prison and $24,846/year to attend college.

We must fix our education system so our children can live productive and happy lives in our society!!!

FACT:  Justin Blakely is a college graduate and a product of our community, he is the only candidate who was raised in our community, attended local schools, and played in our parks.

Mr. Blakely is a success story straight out of Compton; not only did he graduate from high school, he also graduated with honors from the California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Mr. Blakely is running for the school board because our children deserve better and the chance to achieve their full potential.

As a school board member, Mr. Blakely will fight to end the cycle of bad education:

  • Higher graduation rates and college admissions
  • Smaller, safer and better classrooms
  • Parent and Teacher involvement in administrative decisions


Contact Justin

Justin will have an open-door policy and will be easily accessible and responsive to any concern that could be brought to his attention.